Some articles and links that I have found interesting and helpful on IR photography

General near-IR and Multi-band

Sensor Modification & Filter Options

Camera Conversions

Companies I have found who convert cameras (please note I can not testify to how good these companies are – they are just companies I have found advertising their services).

EUinfrared technology (on eBay)
AUhunting_4_lighting (on ebay)

General Equipment

  • – a DB of specialist lenses, including lenses better suited for UV photography

General Articles & Information

Processing IR Images

Fixing Hotspots

IR Photographers & Galleries



General KAP Sites

Blogs & Personal Sites


Setting up and Tuning a Rokkaku

Didakites Rainbow Rokkaku

Didakites Rainbow Rokkaku

General Shops & Retailers

Kite Makers & Shops

Rig Controllers

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