Gallery of Full-Spectrum Images

Full spectrum images (no filter). Not a range I generally shoot much, as I prefer to isolate small frequency ranges. It is however the only range I can use with fisheye lenses on my full-spectrum cameras, as the fisheye can not take an external lens filter.

More Images:

4 thoughts on “Gallery of Full-Spectrum Images

  1. Livio Fent

    Interesting images, I like the way you present the various IR effects with the different filters. FYI, I’ve recently used a Sigma camera (Foveon sensor) to reproduce the discontinued Kodak Ektachrome Color Infrared film by simply imaging the camera in full spectrum mode and a green filter (WB: flourescent setting). It may be of interest to your readers. Caution: not all green filters are alike! I’ve had to standardize the green transmission with magenta CC filters to replicate the effect with different filter manufacturers.

  2. Antonio

    ***google translation***
    Hello , have you ever thought about putting a circular filter into manual adapter Nikon to Sony E?
    The adapter with filter inside, all lenses are filtered from behind, no problem for fisheye and other large lenses.

    1. nigelbeighton Post author

      The Metabones adaptor I have won’t allow any filters to be attached, but you can buy the OWL adaptor which says it can do it – I have not tried it, but it looks interesting; although I presume it has to use its own filters and I cna not see support for key filters like the BG3, S8612, Hot Mirror etc.

  3. Catherine

    Beautiful images! Especially like Cromford Mills. What camera are you using and are you processing your RAW infrared images to DNG through Lightroom or another proprietary program.


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