Images: Croyde Beach KAP 2

The final flight of the little modified Canon Powershot n – rode my luck with on-shore winds one time too many off-shore winds and the kite and camera crashed. The kite, an ITW Triton, survived but the not the camera.

On reflection, I should have flown the foil, which is happier in heavier winds. The Triton was stable but got hit by a big gust as it was being hauled down and had no chance to recover.

Monochrome 590nm images, processed at 2400K.

Croyde beach 1 590nm

Croyde beach 2 590nm

Croyde beach 3 590nm

Croyde beach 4 590nm

Croyde beach 5 590nm

Surfers carrying boards off the beach as the weather worsened.

Croyde beach surfers IR590 590

Into the Wind Triton

ITW Triton