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Images: Blustery day at the seaside

Rarely do I find infrared shots of people work, but sometimes the anemic lack of color (IR is absorbed by skin) can work to your advantage, plus it is helped by lots of people in wetsuits. Although, I think these shots are made by the determined children in the foreground.

A 590nm image from a full-spectrum modified Sony a7ii with a lens filter. Desaturating of the blue, no channel-swap.

Blustery day at seaside1 IR590

Blustery day at seaside2 IR590

Croyde Surfers IR590


Images: Seaton Beach

Seaton beach, Devon UK. A multi-band image from a Schott BG3 filter on a full-spectrum modified Sony a7ii.

I like working with the multi-band filters like UG1 (don’t use that much as it blocks a lot of light and reduces the exposure options significantly), UG5 and BG3, as they produce dark stickman-like figures, rather than the anemic yellow with pure near-IR images (590nmm 720vm etc.).

Seaton Beach 1 BG3

A 3 stitch panoramic (the blending on this is poor).

Seaton Beach Pano1 BG3

Images: Croyde Beach KAP 2

The final flight of the little modified Canon Powershot n – rode my luck with on-shore winds one time too many off-shore winds and the kite and camera crashed. The kite, an ITW Triton, survived but the not the camera.

On reflection, I should have flown the foil, which is happier in heavier winds. The Triton was stable but got hit by a big gust as it was being hauled down and had no chance to recover.

Monochrome 590nm images, processed at 2400K.

Croyde beach 1 590nm

Croyde beach 2 590nm

Croyde beach 3 590nm

Croyde beach 4 590nm

Croyde beach 5 590nm

Surfers carrying boards off the beach as the weather worsened.

Croyde beach surfers IR590 590

Into the Wind Triton

ITW Triton