This is my blog on learning IR, and UV, from the ground and from the air – my wandering into the weird and intriguing world of non-visible light, combined with aerial photography.

I am no expert here, far from it; I am just having fun getting to grips with what you can do. I hope the information on this website helps or sparks interest for others to take it up. If you can help me with advice/recommendations, please do so – or visa-versa, if I can help you, let me know.

About Me: I live in the UK, in Twickenham, but am lucky enough to travel a fair bit around the world with work and for fun.


Email: photoir@beighton.org

Flying on Folkestone beach - 660nm

Flying on Folkestone beach – 660nm

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  1. Ronald Schleyer

    The approach here is inherently pragmatistic and defeatist and against the canons of true photography (which is conducted with CAMERAS and not scientifico-technical specialized apparatus). Using digital CAMERAS there are definite and often difficult problems to be solved to make acceptable or even superlative B&W infrared images. This is what an honest approach to IR photography should be about. Of course, it is much easier to avoid the use of CAMERAS but is essentially avoiding genuine photography, which has always been about the capabilities of the equipment and film (including filters) versus the scene, light, and atmosphere, including especially CLOUDS and SUN, since IR photography is inherently oriented on landscape and very especially the SUN. When a fine result is achieved under these truly photographic conditions, then the art of photography has been honored and its requirements met. Otherwise, not.


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