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Images: Rotterdam from the Euromast

Rotterdam Pano 720

Two 3 stitch panoramics, the first a monochrome image from a 720nm filter and the second a tri-band image from a BG3 filter; both shot on a full-spectrum modified Sony a7ii.

With panoramics, I tend to use std lenses, these are taken with a 55mm lens and limit the number of images to 3 to reduce the potential contrast between images. Equally more than three images (at that focal length) and the perspective can get also vary too much.

Rotterdam Pano BG3

A non-panoramic BG3, followed by a monochrome 720nm image.

Rotterdam from Euromast BG3

Rotterdam from the Euromast 720

Finally, the cafe in the park by the Euromast, shot in 720nm and channel-swapped.

Cafe in the park 720