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Images: Teepee

Went camping over the weekend and there was a lovely, empty, teepee in the field. Would have taken it home, if it would have fitted in the car!

720nm infrared image from a full-spectrum Sony a7ii and Zeiss 55mm. Processed at 3270K and channel-swapped.

Teepee - 720

Teepee – 720

For Sale: Full-Spectrum Olympus M5

Full-Spectrum Olympus e-M5

Full-Spectrum Olympus e-M5

It is that time again, as the journey continues – my full-spectrum modified Olympus M5 (modified by Kolari Vision) is up for sale. I am selling it to make way for the next additions to the stable – hopefully a Sony RX100 and a very interesting Black Magic Design.

The M5 has been a great camera and a faithful servant. If they weren’t so difficult to modify (which is why I paid to have it modified by Kolari in the USA, incurring the substantial shipping costs), I suspect we would see a lot more of them converted; especially with the excellent value of M43 lenses right now.

If you are interested in purchasing it contact me or pick up on the ebay sale: Ebay Link – full spectrum Olympus M5