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Images: Powys Castle

The Incredible shaped Yew trees (not rocks!) at Powys Castle.

Full-spectrum Sony a7ii with a W47B mixed UV and IR filter.

Yews & Powys Caste (mono) - W47B

Yews & Powys Caste (mono) – W47B

The original colour balanced image:

Yews & Powys Caste - W47B

Yews & Powys Caste – W47B

Powys Gardens (mono) - W47B

Powys Gardens (mono) – W47B

Powys Gardens - W47B

Powys Gardens – W47B

Enjoying the sun my the fountain.

Enjoying the fountain & sun, Powys (mono) - W47B

Enjoying the fountain & sun, Powys (mono) – W47B

Enjoying the fountain & sun, Powys - W47B

Enjoying the fountain & sun, Powys – W47B

Picked up the camera again…

It is a been a while since my last post; my apologies, personal and work life has dominated my time and motivation. It has been quite some time since, I picked up an infrared camera, but it is start to come back.
Having now lived with the full-spectrum converted Sony a7ii for over 6 months, I feel happy to provide some good insight on how it performs: which is superb. It is simply the best converted camera for IR and mixed IR/UV I have ever worked with. There are a few minor functions that I would like to see, coming from a long term Nikon SLR background, but overall it is gold stars, 10/10.
One of the mani reasons holding it in such high regard is that, of all my cameras, it is the one also can take the best/accurate ‘normal’ visible light images, whiten using a UV cut combined with an absorption hot-mirror filter (a Kolari supplied one). It is so good at producing normal images, that I am starting to use now as my main normal family snap camera, as well as my primary IR and UV camera. My full-spectrum converted Olympus M5 was good, but I am never able to achieve totally accurate WB  on visible light images, like I am with the Sony.
One things, however, that has not worked well with the Sony is using my Nikon senses with it (using a convertor). To be clear, the lenses do work, manual focus, with an adaptor (mine is the Metabones adaptor); however, for me, and how I work, which is very much constantly on the move with the family around me, the limitation of just point and shoot became too painful and I have since purchased two Sony lenses to get the full functionality of the camera – the std kit mid-range zoom: 28-70mm and the stunning Zeiss f1.8 55mm.
The Zeiss 55mm I primary use for visible light images, especially portraits, keeping a UV and absorption hot-mirror on permanently. The 28-70 I then use virtually all the time for IR and UV. Noting that, as much as I prefer using prime lenses, the overall objective here is to travel as light as possible when roaming hills, mountains, coast lines; plus not worry too much about the cost of theft or loss of the equipment.
If I am happy to carry anything more, then I will take my small Voightlander 20mm with the Nikon mount adaptor. This is a manual lens with a massive depth of field anyway, so the loss of auto-focus has little impact with it.
I do miss Olympus’ excellent importing software, with its ability to handle WB outside ‘normal’ ranges. Sadly, I have not found anything from Sony that works as well and have to live with Lightroom’s similar limitation (even DNG profile editing does not really address the issues and limited WB range supported by LR).
Sony full-spectrum a7ii with 28-70mm & 55mm lenses

Sony full-spectrum a7ii with 28-70mm & 55mm lenses