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Image: Ghost train

Ghost Train at St Margrets.

Really pleased with this experimental shot – but it also started a chain of thought on HDR IR, and the need to replace the little J1 with its limited functionality.

Modified Nikon J1, 720n sensor filter. 3 layered shots, processed in Aperture 3.

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So what have a learnt so far?

So what I have learnt so far…

1. First off, using a modified camera is so much easier than external filters. Very happy with the portability.

2. Quite a few people have cameras converted, especially older DSLRs, and then get bored with them – this makes for an excellent S/H market to try and play with IR, with minimal cost.

3. It is all very light sensitive – the images vary a lot depending on the type and intensity of the light at the time.

4. Some understanding of post-shot processing RAW images is really helpful, if not essential. (I am using Aperture3 for most of my RAW processing).

5. There is lots to read and it helps to read the articles.

6. There are different types of filters; which I did not get at first. Depending on the grade/strength they let in a wider or smaller band of light in. This allows different levels of visible light to be mixed with “near” IR frequencies.

7. The downside of using a modified camera sensor is that it is for a fixed frequency band. This makes any modified camera a one trick pony, unless you want to use a wide band and additional external lens filters (which I don’t, as I want to keep it ‘snap’ simple).

8. I need to upgrade my camera – bracketing (not supported on the little J1) would be really useful. A bigger sensor would also be nice.

9. Time for some colour in my IR journey. I have got too obsessed with virgin snow scenes.

10. It can produce great shots on the most boring dull days – hurrah.

11. This is cool and not that hard, once a bit of knowledge and play is indulged.