Monthly Archives: May 2013

Image: Boats on Thames

Hoping to hide the blur on the moving boat, I tried to make something out of the original (and failed).

Nikon D700 (un modified), using lens filter.

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Image: Boats on Thames 2

My first real attempt at a decent IR image. Boats on the Thames, at Marble Hill, Richmond.

Nikon 700 (un modified). Holding the piece of plastic in front of the lens for between 8-20 seconds.

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Image: Piccadilly Circus

Second test of the camera at Piccadilly Circus and the first appreciation of how people turn out and the difference strong light makes.

Modified Nikon J1, 720nm. The main thing however that pleased me was the confirmation that shooting handheld IR is realistic and easy. Hurrah. No more tripods and hanging around. RAW image processed in Apple’s Aperture 3; desaturated and mid-contrast turned up a little.

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So, at the beginning

It all start a few years ago when i saw online some high contrast B&W landscape photographs and wanted to know how they were done.

After reading a couple of confusing articles, my first attempt at Infrared photography (which is not that hard, if you are also new to it) was to get a cheap piece of dark, supposedly meant for IR, plastic and hold it in front of my DSLR camera (a Nikon D700 SLR), and play with exposures of between 8-30 seconds.

The results were varied, but encouraging enough to make me want to learn more, but also realise the limitations of using an external filter – namely that it makes handheld IR photography much harder.